Cozy Cottage

Cozy Cottage

Simple Pleasures
Virginia Borman Grimmer

I like a simple little house
With flowers by the door,
An ample larder for my needs
And not much more in store.

I like a window toward the sun
And doors that open wide,
The trickle of a bath for birds
With feathered friends beside.

I like a tidy nook inside
Where my books and slippers lie,
A cup for tea, a magazine,
And warming hearth nearby.

I like some trinkets on the sills,
White ruffles at the panes,
The comfort of a sturdy roof
To shelter me from rains.

I like the cozy ambience,
A place of sweet retreat
Where life unfolds along the way
And each new day’s a treat.


About the Norway Lakers

About the Norway Lakers.


Here is a photo of an eagle nest high in a pine tree on the shore of Norway Lake in Minnesota.  An eagle nest is called an eyrie.  Bald eagles use the same nest every year.  They repair the nest and add new twigs, grass, moss, & feathers each season.  One of our greatest cabin pleasures is to watch these nests from the lake each summer.  On this day we were able to observe this protective eagle guarding the nest for several hours.  Finally after loudly calling out to his or her mate, the eagle flew away to take a much deserved break!  We are hoping to see some eaglets in a month or so.